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Nirav & Nidhi

Forever is not just a word it’s a whole feeling. We begin to feel our forever. And Pictoza helped us capture the vibe.

Nirav & Monika

All we can think is about that one special day. Loads of feelings were felt and smiles were captured beautifully.

Vismay & Drashti

Happiness was in our heart, on our faces, we felt it in every inch of our body. We have that happiness secured with us forever.

Hemil & Gopi

There were many little things, many little moments and all were captured. Now this moments, this things have been with us for lifelong.

Vismay & Drashti

We had great fun, we had long laughs, we had excitement and we are glad every feeling was seized and every moment was captured.

Nirav & Monika

We lived the moment with our whole heart. And we are still enjoying it seeing every glimpse.

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